In Iida Puppet Festa, you can watch as many as you want among more than 400 performances. About a total of 50,000 people watch performances every year.



4 types of performance

Head Performance

This is the performance which Executive Committee plans and manage. A part of performances requires Tickets. These consists of Special Performance, Planning Performance, Overseas Performance, and so on.

Local Performance

This is the performance which Local Executive Committee and headquarters manage. These are performed in community center, assembly hall, shrine, temple, nursery school, elementary and junior high school which are familiar place.

Wide area Performance

This is the performance which nearby towns and village and Executive Committee plan and manage. Puppet shows are performed in not only Iida city, but also all over Minami Shinshu.

Present Performance

This is the performance which companies and groups give to by paying expenses. You can watch these performances if only you wear Admission Badge.



Performances consists of Charged Performance and Performance requiring only a Badge. Tickets are available in Iida Cultural Hall.


Many enjoyable event

There are many event in Festa such as workshop, display, stamp rally, and so on. Various events are planed every year to excite this festival.