Iida Puppet Festa is the largest festival of puppet shows in Japan, which anyone can participate. Citizens and Performers create the festa together every August.

Professional troupes are active in abroad and at home, amateur troupes and student troupes perform each puppet show such as traditional or modern. Various styles of puppet shows gather in Iida, and the city is full of puppet shows. Individual troupes participate this Festa not only from Japan but also from overseas. Over 480 performances are held at about 120 venues in Iida city. In addition to performances, there are many events such as “Waiwai Parade” or “Wakuwaku Workshop”.

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“Watch”, “Perform”, “Support” The Triangle Stage, I create.

  • Your heart will be rich by Watching, Performing and Supporting. Keyword is creation.
  • Value my feeling and everyone’s feeling. Voluntary activity of each participant.
  • Cooperative activity which connects WATCH, PERFORM, and SUPPORT.

Three entrances to participate Festa

Watch  Perform  Support

Festa’s goal

  • Enriching our hearts by Watching, Performing and Supporting.
  • Coming to life the city through development of puppet show and enhancement of regional culture.
  • Understanding each other from encounter, exchange and learning with various people.

What we have to value

  • Something appearing from constant tries.
  • Encounter, exchange and learning to enrich our hearts.
  • Each person’s independently participation.

Admission Badge

Admission Badge symbolizes that everyone create Festa.

Everyone, Watcher, Performer and Staff, purchase and wear Admission Badge. Its income supports Festa.

Note: A person over 3 years of age has to wear Admission Badge. You can watch all performances except Charged Performance with wearing Admission Badge. This badge is on sale at Iida Cultural Hall, each venue, each community center, and so on.


“Poh” is official mascot of Iida Puppet Festa.